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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

Your wedding bells are about to ring and you are planning for different aspects of the event. Always involve your spouse in the whole process of finding a perfect caterer An important point is selecting a suitable catering service for your wedding reception because this is what makes your event a hit. Here we are providing some basic things you need to take into consideration when selecting your wedding caterer. Let’s begin;

  1. Lay out the budget and Prepare a guest list

When you start planning to hire a wedding caterer, the first and foremost step is to lay out a budget and make your guest list.  Make a list of guests that are attending your wedding this will present you with a clear picture. You can then determine how many people will be served the meal and refreshment.

When you have a pre-set budget then you can communicate this to the caterer so that both of you can work on a specific budget. Different caterers offer a variety of wedding packages in different budgets .  A well-balanced wedding package can be selected according to your pocket.

  1. Research the logistics and Catering Experience 

A Visit to different catering companies will give you an insight into the market and you can then decide on a catering service according to your budget. Online research can help you find different caterers and know about their logistics(mode and style of work).

One important aspect to look for is how many years they are catering. This will give you a great insight into their services and experience.

  1. Select a  Theme For your wedding

When you and your partner decide on a wedding theme you need to convey it to your wedding caterer. Talk with the catering service about the theme and how they will execute it. There are various types of themes like classic, bohemian, and fairytale weddings. 

Selecting a theme can help you and your caterer to decide about the color of the cutlery, table runners, and other items used for decorating the venue. Ask your caterer to give a demo of how they will decorate the venue according to your wedding theme. Have a look at the videos and photos of the previous events they have organized. It helps a lot in knowing their style of work.

  1. Arrange  a meeting with the catering company for tasting the food 

Another important aspect is to have a tasting meeting with the caterer. Ask them to give you a tasting appointment about the food they will be serving at the wedding.

After tasting the dishes you can ask them to make any changes to the menu or the spices. The tasting appointment is very necessary, as it can save from any issue with the food on the wedding day.

  1. Look into the Catering menu and food quality

When deciding on a caterer for your wedding another important thing is to look for the menu they are offering. Variety in the menu is always a good idea .one more thing that should never be compromised is food quality. Choose a caterer that promises you the best quality food and you can also evaluate this in the meeting. State your preferences in drinks and desserts and decide on a final menu in that meeting.

   6. Enthusiasm and Professionalism

The Wedding event is one of the most memorable days in a person’s life. So, it’s very important to choose a caterer who has an enthusiastic and professional attitude. When you have an enthusiastic catering team they are passionate about their work and their work is up to the mark. It’s easy for you to determine this in the meetings you have with that catering service. 

Customer service is important and during a huge event like a wedding there are different types of guests, the caterer should have an ethical way of dealing with people .you can ask your caterer about dealing with the guests nicely and ethically.

7. Look for a Caterer with additional Services or who has a Preference for other Vendors

A wedding event is not just about the food, it includes other aspects like decorations, photography, videography, and aesthetics of the event. When you choose your wedding caterer always focus on the whole package of services like food, photography, and decorations. Some catering services have photographers and event managers who can perform these tasks at your wedding. 

If you don’t find a caterer in your area who provides all the services. Try to find out a caterer who has contacts of other vendors who can do the decorations, photography, and venue management. Caterers usually have experience working with other vendors in the market in the past so this can save your time.