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Catering Advice for Outdoor Parties and Events

People enjoy outdoor catering as it is a great idea to connect with nature and enjoy the food. Catering services arrange different events and parties outdoors that require a lot of time and effort. The following are prime suggestions to follow when a caterer arranges an outdoor event or party ;

  1. Know the weather Forecast and have a Rain Plan

In an outdoor event, the most important parameter which should be taken care of is the weather. A catering service needs to be well prepared for the change in weather. For example, if you are catering for an outdoor event in summer, arrange fans and air conditioning systems to save guests from heat. Also, canopies should be installed to save guests from heat.

If you are catering for an event in winter there should be proper arrangement of heaters so guests do not feel cold. Also, always be prepared for the rain on any day or any season of the year. Have a backup plan in case it starts raining. Always have waterproof tents or canopies in hand which can be installed or try to arrange the event near a covered area. So, in case of any weather emergency guests and the setup can be transferred to that area.

  1. Visit the Venue Place During the Planning Phase

When a caterer and the client decide about an outdoor place for any event or party. The caterer needs to visit the place with the client and know about the whereabouts of the event. Also, discussions can be made about furniture, cooking setup, and serving style.

If the caterer is also decorating the event, the style of decoration and theme of the event should be discussed. Outdoor events are an amazing way of showing creativity in decorations for different themes like classic, outdoor tea part, and a dancing theme beach party.

  1. Make sure to get the Permit from the Local Administration

Permission from local administration should be obtained, When an outdoor event is planned. The local administration will also guide you about the timing of the start and end of the event. Also, they can provide guidelines related to events happening near a residential area.

If the event is organized in a closed street or a parking area the administrative permit is very important. The local administration will guide the caterer on how much area you can use for the event. So, the caterer can get a better understanding of zoning restrictions.

  1. Cooking Equipment and Electrical Appliances 

Outdoor catering means your chefs will be cooking at the place of the event. the caterer needs to carry proper cooking equipment so there is no hindrance in the cooking. There are different types of electrical and gas equipment you need to carry for setting up an outdoor kitchen. Important cooking and power supply equipment you will need is as follows;

  • Electrical Generator for running refrigerator
  • Liquid or natural  gas for cooking
  • Outdoor cooking stoves and grills
  1. Arrange vehicles According to your Equipment

A catering service has to transport various types of equipment like grills, stoves, generators, and cutlery, so they need big trucks and vehicles. Park these vehicles near the event place so you can take out all the equipment easily. After finishing the event, these trucks can be loaded and equipment can be shifted back easily.

  1. Menu of the outdoor event

The menu of the outdoor event should be in conformity with the weather. you can include the choice of your client in the food but, also can suggest to them which food items are best served in an outdoor event. Raw food is not a good option when it comes to outdoor serving but if it is part of the menu then avoid contact with direct sunlight.  Also if you are serving vegetables and fruits during summer keep them in the refrigerator to serve them fresh. During winters always use heating stoves to keep the food warm throughout the party.

  1. Set up a Canopy Tent for Staff

Comfort and relaxation of the serving staff are very important. So, try to set up a tent for staff where they can relax when not working. During winters this tent can provide a warm place to sit and during summer with some cooling fans etc staff can save themselves from the heat of the sun.

  1. Use Insect Repellent Spray

As a catering service, it is very important to make the place comfortable for the guests. In outdoor events, some uninvited guests can come to attend this event and these are insects, mosquitos, and bugs. Always spray the area before the start of the event and keep some sprays in hand in case any type of insect comes during the event.

  1. Arrangement of Lighting

If an outdoor party starts in the afternoon and ends at the night. The caterer needs to have spotlights and floodlights that can be used after sunset. These lights can also be used if rain starts and you have to open up tents and canopies then lighting is needed even during the day.

  1. Ensure Comfortable Seating 

As much people love to dance and walk during outdoor events. It makes them tired also so, have comfortable chairs, sofas, and sitting arrangements. Comfortable seating is very important for an outdoor setting, guests can enjoy themselves more when they have a comfortable place to sit.

Try to always have extra chairs or sofas in case the number of guests increases or there occurs an issue in some chair or sofa during the event.

Outdoor events are an amazing way of showing creativity for a catering service. During times of social distancing (due to coronavirus) outdoor events are an amazing way for people to get together and enjoy the party and also save themselves from any disease. Taking into consideration of above -mentioned advice will help a catering service in executing a wonderful outdoor gathering.