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Hosting an event is a tricky thing to do. Being a host you are also the planner of the whole event. From selecting a catering company to decorations and food, all is on your shoulders. The paramount thing, in any event, is the type of food served. Let’s dive into some cardinal tips that can  help you to have the best feast for your guests ;

  1. Keep an eye on the  Guest list when selecting food

Develop a guest list so that it’s easy to estimate the number of the guests and also know their cultural and religious backgrounds. Add a variety of cuisines like Japanese, Thai, European, etc. when you are planning an event that has a large variety of people from different cultures. 

The number of guests is the best parameter to know about the amount of food you order. You should always overestimate the number of people you are expecting at the event to avoid people leaving hungry from your event.

  1. Budgeting for food served at the event

Working with a pre-set budget is always a good idea. When you know the amount of money you will spend on the food budget, a  better decision related to the type and quantity of the food can be made. Arrange a meeting with the catering service and discuss the budget you can spend and the food they can offer according to your numbers.

  1. Contemplate the Weather and the time of the day you are hosting

Depending on the seasons the food variety also changes. If you are hosting an event in winter you need to add foods like soups, coffee, and hot cakes. It perfectly goes with the season. When you are hosting your event in the summer, always add fruit, drinks, and ice creams. BBQ, grilled meat, and rice are the food choices that can be taken up in any season.

An additional aspect is to take into consideration the time of the day in which you are hosting the event. If it’s a morning event you can add breakfast snacks and if it’s a mid-day event brunch is a good option for you.

  1. Deliciousness and variety in  food make it appetizing

Arrange a meeting with the catering company and ask about different dishes from the menu. The food served at the event should be tasty more than anything else. Ask the chefs to make the food tasty and serve it with an appealing presentation to guests.

Variety in the menu makes it more attractive and diverse. Add distinct types of starters, salads, and main course meals to the food. Dishes from divergent cuisines like Japanese, Chinese, Mughlai, and continental can just add value to your event. By adding sea food like shrimp and fish variety to the menu can be increased.  Guests can enjoy different dishes and snacks during the event.

  1. Know the Dietary restrictions and food Preferences(Religious/cultural) of guests

Every event has people with different food choices due to dietary restrictions, and cultural/religious preferences. Some guests might not like oily, spicy, and sugary food due to their health conditions. So add foods that are not oily,  spicy, or sugary. In some cultures and religions, people don’t eat some kind of meat or vegetable. So you can ask the guests about their food choices beforehand and save yourself from any hassle.

  1. Pick out Drinks and snacks 

Set a drinks and snacks corner at the event. People can enjoy their free time with sips of different drinks like soft drinks, coffee, or tea. Snacks like baked vegetables, mushrooms, and tortilla chips are great as appetizers. 

  1. Presentation and serving style  of the food     

The aesthetic look of the food makes it alluring and appealing to the guests. Always ask your catering service to present the food with fresh garnishing ingredients like mint, coriander, and some fresh vegetables. Drinks when served with some juicy lemon placed on the side of the glass make it more presentable. Plates, glasses, spoons, and napkins should be cleaned and have beautiful designs and ornaments on them.

Choose the styles of serving you are opting for your event. You can consider a buffet for a large group of people, and table service when you are hosting for handful amount people.