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Fujioka Teppanyaki is a Los Angeles-based teppanyaki catering company offering exceptional food and
impeccable customer service.

Hiring a catering company for different events and parties is a trend practised globally. So, a catering business needs to know the essential qualities they should have to flourish their business. This article is discussing 7 essential qualities that make a catering service extraordinary and distinctive;

  1. Quality and Taste of the Food

The first and foremost thing in a catering business is the quality and taste of the food, that the catering service is offering. The food should be fresh and raw materials used for the cooking of any cuisine should be organic.

The other factor which attracts the customers to a specific catering service is the taste and aroma of the food. So, always pay attention to the taste and presentation of the food .The presentation of food is very important so try to have an appealing and delightful presentation of the food.

  1. Professionalism in the Behavior of the Staff

For the establishment of a good business, it is very important to have great customer care service so you can comply with the needs of your clients. Professionalism is the key factor in the success of any kind of business and catering service is not the exception.

When the staff is properly trained to behave ethically and nicely, towards their clients a catering service can successfully execute any event. If an issue arises between the host and the catering service company, the managerial staff should have the ability to resolve the conflict and carry on the event successfully.

When as a caterer you give specific time to your client, you must be on time and do all the stuff related to catering on time. So, you can leave a great impression on your client and guests of the event. This will also serve the purpose of marketing for you,  a professional attitude may gain you many clients from that specific event.

  1. Hygiene and Ambiance of the Event

The catering service should be extra careful when it comes to hygiene, whether it’s food or the whole ambiance of the event. Everything should fall into a proper place according to the plan.

The chefs and waiters should wear proper cooking gear like aprons, toque(head caps), and gloves. This will help to avoid contamination in the food through skin or hair. The ambience of the event you are catering for is your responsibility as you can add nice furniture,beatiful serving cutlery, and some amazing table runners and napkins so it gives an alluring look.

  1. Budget-Friendly

Always offer your clients a catering plan that is best according to their pocket. This makes a catering service widely accessible for different people in a society who have different economic statuses. Confer the clients with a well-detailed plan on how much they have to pay out on different types of amenities like food, decorations and service charges, etc.

  1. Variations in cuisines and food Dishes

To reach a high level of catering service a company needs to have a variety of foods and cuisines to reach people from different ethnicities and cultures. For example, for an American-based catering company, you should have different cuisines like  Mughlai, Thai, Pakistani, American, Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, and Japanese food to have diversity in your clients. Tourists and foreigners visit different places to try out new food and cuisines. Variation in cuisine by a catering service also shows its reach to different ethnicities and cultures, thus creating a culture of global harmony.

  1. Creativity and Flexibility Are the need of the hour

There is a lot of competition in the catering services world so creativity is needed to establish your company in this race. New ideas of fusion of cuisines and bringing different types of dishes, from various parts of the world to your service are all about creativity. For this purpose, a company can hire chefs and professionals in the food field from different parts of the world. A professional team of chefs can professionally make tasty delicious food.

Flexibility is also an important trait for a catering service company. Have flexibility in your plans so that you can deal with the special needs of guests during an event. For example, if a guest asks for a specific type of spice or drinks you need to provide them with that.

  1. Providing Additional services and Advising your client

Catering services that provide decorations, entertainment, and other leisure activities along with food are an adequate choice for the event. So as a catering company you should be able to provide different services this will add value to your business. Another aspect is to advise your client in case they are unsure or indecisive about different things like food, drinks, or decorations.