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10 Tips for Awesome Corporate Catering Event

Corporate sectors organize formal events like business meetings and marketing events and they hire caterers to serve the food and arrange the event for them. As a catering company, always prepare your staff to serve different types of food like lunch boxes, continental breakfasts, or a buffet in giant corporate events. This article is providing you with some tips when you are going to cater for a corporate event. Let’s begin the journey;

  1. Determination of the size and nature of the corporate event

When you are serving at a formal event it is very important to know about the type and size of the event. Whether it’s a business brunch, Christmas lunch, or the marketing event of the corporate company. It will help you to plan appropriately for a successful event.

Always ask the hosts, how many people will be attending the event. Often they will give you a certain number like 50 people and sometimes they will give a generic statement like more than 200 people will be attending that event. As a caterer, you always have to overestimate the number they are telling you to save yourself from any hassle.


  1. Negotiations about budgeting

Budgeting is the most important part of any event. Ask your clients about what their budgeting limit is, and also tell them the packages you are offering for corporate events.  Include the cost of food, drinks, services, and decorations(lighting, flowers, and cutlery style ) in the budget.


  1. Offer Tastings to the corporate event hosting team

As a caterer, you should always be open for a tasting meeting with your clients. Schedule a tasting meeting with the corporate event hosting team, and make them taste different cuisines and dishes you have on your menu. A tasting meeting can help a host in choosing drinks and food for their event. A client can also tell about the addition or deletion of any specific spice, drink, or dish on the menu.


  1. Ask about the serving style and special food preferences

People with special food preferences or allergies are always present in any kind of event. So ask the hosting team to inform you about any guest that has some kind of food preference or allergy for example a guest with diabetes would like to have sugar-free drinks. A caterer can offer different serving styles like table serving or buffet-style serving for corporate events.


  1. Discussing different corporate themes and decor styles

Formal events also have a style of decorations and theme. Make sure to discuss the theme and decor style and color hosts want for the event. Generally, corporate themes are in formal colours like white, beige, and black. Corporate events usually have big presentation screens especially if it’s a business event then try to provide them with a formal look at the event.

Furniture and decoration of corporate events usually have a subtle look to them. For decorations, you can add minimalistic touches of flowers and some napkin flowers in the centre of the table. Tables should have enough space for different corporate meetings so, people can put their tablets or laptops during the event.


  1. Consider Ethnic and Religious variations Present in a corporate event

Corporate events of big sizes like marketing events of big companies have a very large group of people attending. People from different ethnicities, cultures, and religions are present at a corporate event. So, try to talk about the menu based on special preferences related to the religion or culture of a guest.


  1. Training your staff about the professional attitude especially required for catering at a corporate event

Having a trained staff for organizing a successful corporate event is as important as other aspects are. Professional training of staff is required to serve in these events. A catering service must organize training sessions for their staff to serve in a corporate environment. 

Formal behavior is required when you are serving for a corporate event. Training should be given to the staff on how to deal with people who have special preferences in food due to different ethnicity and culture. Managerial satff shoud also look after the guests and boost the morale of their cooking and serving teams.


  1. Signing a contract for organizing the event 

 Signing a contract is always a good idea, for any business deal and catering is no exception here. Mention all the clauses like budget, menu, and timing of the event. Official documents bound both parties to obey the clauses and behave professionally.

For a caterer, it is always a good idea to keep a copy of the contract and attach it to your company record book. This is a great way to have a follow-up for all of your future corporate events.


  1. Efficiency and Enthusiasm in  services

An efficient service has always had a good impact on the host. Taking care of your guests and managing an event properly gives your business a boost. A corporate company usually hires you for different events. So try to match the expectation of the guests and provide services on time. 

An enthusiastic approach toward the work always makes you the best catering service. Entertain the needs and complaints of your guests politely and professionally. A social media page is important for a catering company to get reviews and connect with its customers.


  1. Expect the Unexpected

As a caterer, you should always have a plan to deal with unexpected circumstances. It can be a change in weather or your host telling you at the last minute to increase the number of servings. Always have a plan if it starts raining in an outdoor event, and have a standby team who can install canopies and tents.

Prepare the ingredients of a  meal in larger quantities in case you have to increase the number of servings. The quantity of the food should be a little more in the big corporate events in case you have to serve more people at the 11th hour.